Color question

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  1. Hi!
    I just won a bag on ebay. It called to me lol. I searched and found the style but I can't find the color. It's a mercer triple satchel. The listing said it was cognac, but I can't find a cognac mercer. It won't be here until next week, so I won't have pictures until then.
    How do I find out what color it is? Am I allowed to list the auction page so you can see the pictures?
    Knowing the color will then help me take care of it, right? As HH uses different leathers?
    Thank you
  2. Hi there! I looked up the auction and found your HH Mercer Triple Satchel. I believe it's the Luggage color. It's a beautiful color! Congrats ; )) I own three (Ink, Currant, and Coral). Great bag!!
  3. I don't have any luggage but have read that it is a super soft and smooshy leather. I'm sure there's some info on it in the care thread. Welcome to hottie land!
  4. Thank you! I'll look in the care thread so I take care of her properly.

    Another question:
    Is the tharpe bigger than the mercer? I am fascinated with the look of the tharpe and it looks like it came in the pretty yam color. Which bags came in yam?