Color Question

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  1. Hi All,

    I went through the threads and reference library and was looking for an almost plumish / burgundy / wine-ish color. Are the colors below the only ones that would come close? or have I missed something.


    Thanks :smile:
  2. Black Cherry? It may be a little darker than you're looking for.
  3. oooo thats a nice one too :smile: does anyone have a black cherry that can share or know where i can find it in the reference section?

    thanks again :smile:
  4. The 2010 Sang is a bit of a brighter red, but to dieeeeee for! (:
  5. Maroon 2004 is my favorite brown redisch it depends on the light.
    I love it and the leather back then is so great soft and fluffy.
    I have a weekender from that season. But the pics are on my old laptop, but they are also in my family picture tread.
    Love and hugs FX
  6. Thank u fxvanleeuwen :smile: I will try to find it :smile:
  7. I have a Black Cherry City, love it! It's not easy to describe the color, it changes very much in different lightenings! Sometimes it's burgundy-red, sometimes it looks brownish-red. Here are some pics:


  8. thank you purse and pugs :smile: