Color Question

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  1. Sorry girls, but what is the difference between black and black onyx? On the closeup on the webpage, I couldn't tell a major difference. Is it color variation or material varation? Also, how dark is brandy? Is it "too dark?"

    Thanks again!
  2. The major difference is in the "Old" black and the new Black & Black Onyx. The old black was made w/ white stitching and the black made for spring09 had a black stitching.
    I am unsure if the color is actually more saturated this season, as opposed the last or between the spring 09 black and black onyx. Maybe someone can chime in on that.
  3. I know with the black conrad & the black onyx conrad the only difference is the interior. A tpf member contacted me so I would correct the error in my listing (i called mine black onyx)& told me this is the difference & people need to know this. T.P.F:police:P.D.
  4. "Too dark" for what?
  5. brandy isn't that dark at all! when in sunlight, it is a beautiful mahogany-ish brown! it just looks more brown indoors, but there is def a pretty red tone to it
  6. Ok, I was amusing myself tonight - we've got a cordovan wyeth, a cordovan corcovado and my brandy origami. Flash and no flash.

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  7. Sorry. I've got no black comparisons - somewhat unbeliveable, but I don't have any black zeus!
  8. Thanks for these dmc! Bummer for me that I think I prefer cordovan, and have a brandy Athena tote on the way... oh well!
  9. dmc- which one is the brandy? Is it the one in the top middle?
  10. Oops! Brandy is on the far right in all the photos.
  11. I guess I need more coffee! Brandy is the far right in all photos EXCEPT for the photo with 3 bags - then it is in the middle!
  12. yay! I can't wait to get my brandy havana in the mail!
  13. I love my Brandy Dekker...I even use it with black bags, which I've NEVER done before. That red tone to it makes it so much more versatile, IMO. JMO of course. ;) I used to have a Cordovan Havana and the color just didn't do it for me...the brandy is perfect for me and my wardrobe.
  14. I am leaning more toward brandy too...maybe it's summer. The cordovan seems so much darker
  15. Sloan in Pewter? Hi ladies, I'm looking at a Sloane in Pewter and am wondering how shiny/metallic the leather is? Does it have a crackled effect to it? Is it soft/rough? What's it like IRL? How does it behave? I'm just trying to assess if it's too flashy feeling for me?

    Many thanks!