Color question?

  1. Does anyone know what the grey color is called? DH was looking at a Bolide at SCP that the SA said was a new color. He said it was greyish? Just wondering. Thanks! :flowers:
  2. Is it Gris Tortelle? I saw the bag in question, had it been in ostrich I would've bought it.:yes:
  3. I think it is gris tourterelle, I have a Kelly in this color. It only comes in clemence and togo. The color is a pale gray taupe, but it isnt a new colour, my Kelly is an F, and I bought her in 2003. It is very pretty. The new kind of grayish color is etoupe, but it really is a darker taupe, and I think it was introduced about 2 years ago.
  4. Thank you!!!! :flowers: It sounds really pretty. :yes:
  5. The one I saw at SCP was rigide.
  6. I LOVE this colour....soooooo chic!!!!
  7. Call SCP and ask...they have several bolides on display, but only one in grey to my is a very nice bag!
  8. Sorry...duplicate post...
  9. Whoah!!!!! Heather! Does this mean DH is looking at a Tourturelle BOLIDE for you???? Maybe????? omg....this man is def on the list of great husbands in NorCal!
  10. Could it have also been Etoupe?

    Anyway, Heather, I think you're going to have your Kelly before you think you will... :smile: I have a hunch!
  11. hehehe I wish D! Well, let's say he's looking for a future bag but I can't get one for a while 'cause I need to save...:girlsigh: But he is so sweet...he totally supports and enables my H addiction. :lol:

    GT, I hope you are right! :nuts:

  12. ^ Your husband is so sweet!
    Mine just "tolerates" my insanity.
  13. Thanks GT. :flowers: He is a sweetheart. :love: This weekend I get to enable his hobby...European model there is a big model train show in the Bay Area.