Color question

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  1. I have nothing but black bags. I feel safe with black...wears well year round and goes with my whole wardrobe. All of my shoes are black and I wear darker tops (blue, black, some brown, etc.)

    Anyway, I wonder if I should venture out into the bag world and try another neutral? Would hazelnut or saddle be a good color to use year round?
  2. Yes - try another neutral! I prefer the hazelnut because the leather is glazed. It would be great bag for all seasons and most clothing. It's a neutral, but it's a pop of color, too.
  3. I'm generally the same way. But I just got a white bag for summer and I love it. And I also got an orange one (tangerine MAM), which I think goes well with a lot of different colors. I personally don't like red, but if you do, I think that would be another good option.
  4. I think hazelnut would give you a little bit more color, than just the saddle. Both are a good neutral color, but - again - if you want to take a baby step toward expanding your range I think the hazelnut would be a good choice.

  5. Hazelnut. I am partial to the glazed finish.
  6. I used to be like you! Still love black bags and have lots of them but I have branched out into other colors. It was hard but once you take the plunge one time you will feel better. :smile:

    I would suggest picking another dark neutral type dark color to start with and going from there! As a black bag girl myself I find myself attracted to dark browns, purples and greens. These colors go almost as well with things as black bags do for me. RM has lots of these that are very pretty! For me some good dark neutral RM colors have been glazed espresso, royal blue with basketweave, and the emerald/evergreen. If you think you could do a lighter neutral color with your wardrobe, the saddle, stone, and hazelnuts are nice too!

    Good luck :smile:
  7. Actually if you love black why not get the Night MAM with godl bottom this one is sooo dreamy and different!
  8. i agree with the rest of the gals! A great year round RM color would be Emerald, Hazelnut, Stone, and Wine. Emerald and Wine will add a nice pop of color, but if you just want to peep out of the shell, then the hazelnut is a nice dark orangy/brown and the stone is a great creamy vanilla color. Either way you can't go wrong!
  9. What about eggplant? That could be a really pretty neutral that would go well all year.
  10. the hazelnut is gorgeous and is light colored enough to wear during summer and of course perfect for fall.
  11. Dusty looks like an awesome neutral too!