Color question with Bay from LVR

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  1. I have a question regarding my bay's color...:confused1:
    It is supposed to be noir and there was a round Chloe tag in the inner pocket for that color..:yes:
    However, I have also found another tag in the paper stuffing which reads "anthracite".:wtf:
    The leather tab reads 04-07-56.
    I wonder what the real color is...
    My bag looks a bit different from the one posted by Airis :s

    Could anyone tell me what I got? I love the bag:love:, anyway, but i'd like to know what shade I am carrying... Thanks a lot!:flowers:
  2. It looks like Mocha, I believe the other color is a metallic?? --probably a case of mismatched tags??
  3. Hi Maria!
    First, sorry for my poor english :s... I'll try my best.:shame:
    In my pics the bag looks black but in really it's a kind of antrachite :yes:.... maybe that depends on what type of flash unit I have on my camera :shrugs: Your pics looks better!:yes:
    We have that exact bag! Same colour and everything. :yes:
    My Bay's leather tab reads 04-07-56 and the Chloe tag in the inner pocket says Noir.
  4. I can't tell what the colour is but it might be moka!

    Oh man, I wonder if they mixed up my order too.....but they didn't even have moka listed on the site!!
  5. Thanks for the info Airis!!! To be honest I don't see a metallic finish on that picture posted above!
  6. I just see a gorgeous bag, wow!!!!!!!
  7. Hi Maria!

    I received a quilted Bay on Wednesday which I had ordered from the Chloé Boutique in Munich. I had ordered a black one and when it arrived I said to my husband: "This is not a black bag. At least it's not "black black"." Mine looks exactly like yours. And when I saw the pictures of Airis' bag I thought the same thing: Her bag is really black. Mine must be a mistake. Actually I was quite relieved when I saw yours! And now I'm even more relieved because Airis said that her bag looks like yours IRL. I read some old posts and I found one where someone says that the "noir" quilted Bay is not "black black" but more like espresso black. Also I did a lot of comparison of moka and black quilted Bays and all moka quilted bays seem to have brown zippers whereas the black ones have black zippers (not the zipper itself but the "cloth" on the sides - sorry for my English). So I guess our bags are some kind of black. Enjoy!
  8. I took a picture of mine so I can upload that later. It does say noir on mine though. I cant remember the id number inside. I had a look at it quickly when I got the bag to see that it was a 2007 model and that everything looked alright but it did.
  9. Thank you for your input, everyone...
    The bag is black, but not black-black... The stitching is dark grey, not white...
    Does it help?
    I wouldnt mind having an anthracite bay, i love it, but i just wanted to know what color im showing off...
  10. Hi, don't worry mariabdc, I was told by a fellow TPFler, who got the black one from Sacoche, that hers had dark brown undertones, too, so yours is alright, I think. Actually that's nice, because then you can use it even with brown outfits or warm colours! Enjoy her!
  11. Thank you, Airis... You've put my mind at a rest... it is weird to what degree the color can change depending on light, background and so on...