Color Question: Origan Spring '06 v. Olive Fall '05

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  1. Does anyone here have both the origan from Spring '06 and the olive from Fall '05?

    For anyone familiar with both colors: how close are they? Is the olive a lot darker than the origan? And which color do you prefer?

    I've seen individual pictures of both colors, but I have never seen them side by side in the same photo. And I've seen the origan in person several times, but I never looked closely at the olive.

    I think the origan is a great color, but for some reason I can't bring myself to buy it. I have red hair and fair skin and green is a good color for me, but for some reason the origan just isn't jumping out at me. (I used to own a dolma city, but it has moved on to a new home). There have been several olive bags up for auction on eBay recently and I'm wondering if maybe I should jump at one of them some day.

    Thoughts on the origan v. olive?
  2. I don't own both - just the origan; however, I favor the dolma green over the origan. I have seen the olive and I think it is darker than the origan, but they are very close.

    how about I post my origan and then an ebay pic of olive?
    the first picture is from an Ebayer's olive bag - the second is my origan twiggy bag.

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  3. I really like the origan! Unfortunately Barney's was out of that color in the City, which is probably the only size that would work for me. And I'm afraid that by the time I'm ready to purchase my bag (May), they'll be out everywhere.
  4. Well, I don't own either (:cry: ), but I do have pictures.

    1olive.jpg 1ssolive.jpg

    I personally prefer the origan, just because its a bit lighter - it can move better between seasons IMO - but they're both stunning.:love:
  5. Those are great pics English_girl.

    You can really tell the color difference there. In the Ebay pic I posted the olive green is not showing as dark.

    You can't deny the leather though on that Olive City - it is superb. :biggrin:
  6. Oh I know. If it came down to a choice - only one of them or the firing squad......well, I'd start planning my funeral. ;)
  7. english_girl_900, PERFECT! Since both pics are from personalshoppers I assume they were photographed in similar light, with the same camera (albeit at different times, of course). This is by far the best side by side I have seen yet. THANKS! The olive city leather is gorgeous!

    Thanks for your pics, Loganz. Lovely twiggy! The olive first that you posted is on my watch list. It ends today and so far it doesn't have any bids. The start price is a little high (based on what the market usually values this color and size at) so I wouldn't be surprised if the auction closes with zero bids. If that happens, I'm hoping that the seller decides to relist with a lower starting price.

    Ever since I let my dolma green city go I have been been craving another green. I too prefer the dolma to the origan, which is one reason why I think I haven't purchased it. I am planning on getting the emerald though, so we'll see what happens.

    Thanks for your help, gals.
  8. ^^^ Welcome! :biggrin: Glad I could help - I have a file full of all the bags I wish I could have but never will, and these are two of them. Its nice when my obssesive collecting is helpful to someone else.
  9. english_girl_900, thanks for the welcome. I've lurked here for a while, but I just started posting last weekend. I am desperately seeking a rouge purse, and I decided to come out of hiding to post about it in the hopes that perhaps someone had seen one for sale somewhere. Unfortunately I didn't have any luck. I decided to keep posting; it's fun. On a slight sidenote, I'm so glad tPF gave Balenciaga its own forum.

    I too have a folder on my computer which contains a lot of pictures of various bags and colors that have caught my interest. I'm constantly adding to it and referring to it as a reference. It's amuzing to see that there is someone else out there doing the same thing. I even have a picture of Loganz's origan twiggy in my file. I had no idea that it belong to her until this morning though. I'm going to add the olive city that you posted.

    I posted about this on the "celebrity" board but I have yet to receive any responses: there used to be a blog on Blogger called "Boho Balenciaga". There was also a "Boho LV", "Boho Chloe", "Boho Fendi" etc. The blog disappeared about a month ago though. And now I can't find a trace of it anywhere. It contained a ton of pictures of different celebs with their designer handbags. I loved it because there were so many pictures of different color bags and it was a great resource in terms of seeing bags and colors on a real live human being as opposed to just hanging on a chair or sitting on a table. Did you ever visit this blog? And if you did, do you happen to know where it went? I wonder if it was taken down for violation of copyright issues. I don't think any of the pictures were credited.
  10. I did visit it briefly, maybe a month or so ago, until it disappeared. I don't know where it went either - I'm sorry. I did manage to snag some pictures of MK Olsen with her pistachio city before it went down tho'.
  11. Thanks, english_girl. I still have the site linked, and I occasionally check back hoping that maybe one day it will reappear. I'm not counting on it though. Mary Kate Olsen, Nikki Hilton and Nicole Richie all have insane numbers of b-bags in the most amazing colors.
  12. 0o0o that first is cute!!!
  13. Isn't it? Just as I expected, the auction closed with zero bids. I will be keeping an eye out to see if the seller relists the item at a lower starting price.