color question on gucci

  1. Fall bags should be coming out pretty soon, maybe they'll bring that bag out in another color.
  2. I would wait, I have a pink gucci and only use it 2 or 3 times in the summer, defitni. wait, get a more neutral color, the style is great though
  3. Not sure if you are still looking for this bag, there is a brown canvas one, a black canvas one, and another color (I can't remember right now) at the Gucci Store in Santana Row. I just saw them during lunch. You can give them a call and they will ship it to you.
  4. hmmmmmmm, i'm not really a pink girl, so i'd pass :smile:
  5. do you know if the other colors were on sale?
  6. Nope, only the pink one is on sale and that was sold out too. But they had a ton of other bags on sale.. better than the usual June sales.
  7. i was these this afternoon and the sa told me that the only bag in that style that was on sale would be the pink one. boo!
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