Color question: Is Cinder grey or brown?

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  1. So I have been looking at 2 bags on The Jet Set Zip Top Tote ($248), and the Large Chandler convertible shoulder bag ($298). Both come in Cinder and appear to have SHW. The Chandler looks to be a deep brown, while the tote looks more grey? I would prefer the dark brown. Has anyone seen Cinder IRL?
  2. Yes, I have seen Cinder IRL and just love the color. I would call it a dark taupe, a bit darker than Dark Dune. I think Cinder is a combination of gray and taupe, but with more gray overtones. I wouldn't call it a dark brown. Anyway, it's a great neutral!
  3. Thanks for this description. Very helpful.
  4. It definitely leans towards gray with some hints of purple in some lights. Some taupe, but since it has silver hardware it shows the cooler tones of the gray. It's a very unique and neutral color! You could just get it and return it as Nordstrom has free return shipping :smile:

  5. Ha, I like your plan! I'm going to check it out this weekend. Thank you all for your help!
  6. This might help! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1440028572.473700.jpg

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  7. Duplicate
  8. Hard to tell with the lighting but here is A Dark Dune and Cinder comparison. After seeing them together today I ImageUploadedByPurseForum1440098024.169759.jpg would agree that it does have a purple/grey undertone, similar to Marc Jacobs Mink if you're familiar with that color. I used to be a huge Dark Dune fan, but I have to say I will be going with Cinder from now on!

  9. Thanks for the comparison pic. Cinder looks so beautiful with SHW. Gotta check this out.
  10. Ooh they both look nice. I wonder if there's a color difference in cinder on the saffiano and soft leather. I didn't really like cinder in the soft leather and thought dark dune looked much better. Was this at the MK store?
  11. This was at Nordstroms. Surprisingly none of the MK stores I've been in lately have a great selection of the Cinder.
  12. Thank you for the lovely picture. I'm really drawn to Cinder, really want to see it IRL. Love that it has SHW. Very tempting!