Color Question - Galois?

  1. Talked to Barbara at Nordstrom Arden Fair (SOOO sweet!!) tonight about Balenciaga wallets and she said they had two blues - the Cobalt (which i bought) and then one that I thought she called "Galois" or something similar, which she described as a quite dark blue.

    I can't find this color anywhere on the forum though. Anyone know what this is, or another name for it? Is it the anthracite?
  2. It is the Anthracite. Barbara is my SA. She is the best!!
  3. Why don't you get her to send you a photo before you buy it? My SA at Nordstrom Arden Fair has sent me photos, so I know they have the capability. ;) Better to know for sure what you are getting - because I have read several accounts of people not getting what they expected from Nordstrom Arden Fair. I do agree that it is probably anthracite, though (they call it "Galet").
  4. Oh, Galet does sound just right. Exactly!

    The anthracite really is pretty black though, right? Like, more black than blue?
  5. Galet is definitely Anthracite :yes:

    That was the color Barbara sent me, very very dark, but pretty.
  6. Yep. It's anthracite. That's what Saks calls it too for some odd reason.
    It's a dark teal-y grey, but seems to vary HUGELY from one bag to another, so it could be more blue or more grey depending on the bag, or not have any greenish tints at all.
  7. PS - my avatar is my Anthracity. There are a number of posts right now with some good pictures of anthracite to check out.