Color ques: Eggshell or Pergamena?

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  1. Hi, I'm interested in buying a BV bag and I saw a bag that looks kinda of white, but a little "washed". It's not ivory though. I went to the Color Reference library and I think it is Pergamena because the bag had an ivory patent braided trim, just like the Pergamena French wallet and Continental wallet in the Reference Library. But I'm not sure... was there an official BV color within the past 1.5 yrs called Eggshell? Because it looks like an Eggshell color...thanks in advance for any help! :confused1:
  2. I have a pergamena bag with grey patent braiding like the wallet that was often described by NM/Saks as Eggshell. Marmo is also a bit eggshell but it's a new color and I'm not sure they're doing the patent braid this season. Does the bag you're considering have chain handles? I think it might be pergamena! Be sure to let us know if you get it!

  3. Thanks! Yes, the bag I saw has chain handles and then leather at the top where you would rest the double handles on your shoulder. I saw the bag on a girl in NYC today, so I'm not sure if she got it from a previous season (which would make it Pergamena/Eggshell, right?) or the current season (which would make it Marmo, right?). I saw a patent braid that I thought might be ivory but since I wasn't standing really really close to her (I would have totally creeped her out - hehe :supacool:), it most definitely could have been the grey patent that you describe. I just know it had a brass-y kind of lock (no key or anything, just looked like you would have to push it to open) on the front flap, chain & leather handle you could wear on your shoulder. It was so pretty! It looks so sophisticated. I want it! Any way I can find it now if it was the Pergamena bag from a previous season? Thanks for your help!
  4. Yes, that's the bag I have. Saks featured it in their catalog last winter and I pulled the pic out and drooled for 8 months before taking the plunge. It is my absolute favorite BV and it made a very chic woman bag-stalk me once too! (talk about role-reversal, lol!) BV put that bag on sale this fall - I don't know if any stores still carry it but you might try the boutiques and outlets, or I've seen a few on eBay recently too (some damaged so look/read closely). It definitely doesn't photograph as well as IRL which is why I think it went on sale and you can get a good deal. Good luck!!
  5. Have you posted a pic on the reference library? Please do!
  6. Sorry, I don't have a picture of the bag since I just witnessed someone wearing it in real life and haven't seen it online where I could post a picture. I'm on a hunt to find it! Thanks for everyones help.
  7. Sorry - I meant that request for blugenie.
  8. ^I'll try to do that tonight or this weekend - DH away means bag fun!
  9. I believe that the bag you are describing just showed up on eBay...