Color quandry

  1. I have the opportunity to purchase a gold 37 mou gh Bolide. Like everything about it but still wonder about the color. I dress very conservatively. Seems like only black, brown and khaki. Do you think the gold would go with these colors or another color. I am loooking for a really good neutral. I recently was given a black togo 32 Kelly by my lovely daughter, so do not need black. They do have a beautiful black 37 togo with gh at the store. What do you all think? I appreciate your input as you all have impeccable taste. Thanks
  2. Oh I think Gold would be PERFECT for you!! Since you already have a black H bag, gold is in my opinion the absolute best next neutral to buy. Especially since you wear a lot of khaki. I personally feel that Gold is the most versatile of the neutral browns that Hermes offers--a lot of the others are more gray and I find them hard to match to the browns and camels in my personal wardrobe.
    I say go for it! And then post pics ;)
  3. Gold is definitely a classic neutral and very elegant too. I think it is a great choice.
  4. I wear my gold bag the most -- it goes with everything, pretty much.
  5. Thanks Cynthia and Ebro for answering so quickly. I think then I will do it. Do you think togo is the best for that color. Don't know why I ask as they had no others.
  6. I personally really like Gold in Togo. I have a Gold Togo wallet and it wears like iron, shows no dirt, and the color is nice and rich. The color is less yellow in Togo than in some other leathers, at least to my eye.
  7. Absolutely go for the Gold! I'm wondering if it's Mou Clemence, since I haven't heard of Mou Togo.
  8. I have a Bolide 37 in Gold Gulliver and use it happily. It's ten years old, has held up beautifully with heavy use and, except for scuffs in the corner, looks great. I think it is a great neutralo\, especially for spring and summer and looks great with white,most beiges, grey and black. The only color clothing I do not like it with is taupe, or beige with alot of grey, because the gold has a definite cast of yellow in it. I absolutely love gold in Togo and hope to get that color one day, but definitely grab the gold Bolide if you like the color. It will serve a different purpose than your black and other dark bags.
  9. creature, Gold is a wonderful neutral. I'd go for it. :smile: It seems to be raining Bolides around here lately. :smile: (which is a very good thing). ;)