Color Q about the CAMEL color Mulbery Leah

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  1. Does anyone own or have seen the Mulberry Leah shoulder bag in their f/w Camel color? It looks awfully dull online and I've never seen it IRL--we all know how the computer screen can misrepresent a color, so please Mulberry experts do chime in and describe the color for me, please?

  2. Hi there, I only saw a camel Leah in passing but did not find the colour dull. Its not as warm a the hazelnut Lea, but not a bad camel colour. So hard if you can't see it irl though as the perception of a colour can be so personal.
  3. I saw several bags in that colour/leather in Mulberry Paris. They don't look dull at all, a warm camel colour. Hope you will be able to see irl though as it is personal what you think.