Color "Pietra"?

  1. Des anyone has a Miu Miu bag in the colour "Pietra" and would be so kind to post a picture of it?

    Thank you :smile:
  2. scroll down the page I linked to about two thirds of the way down....
    a bow bag in pietra, posted by ipekkeles.
  3. yes! my bow bag is in color pietra. it is light khaki green color. very neutral, good for all seasons, goes with my mostly beige-tan closet.
  4. O Thank you!

    it looks very nice! Is the color "Pietra" still actual?
  5. i bought my bag last november, so it might be a fall-winter seasonal color. never saw it at the website. it might also be a classic color. i'm sorry i cannot be much of a help.

  6. Thank you!

    I finally went for it and I love love love this color :smile:

  7. Wow, congrats! :graucho: this color is gorgeous! May I ask, how much you paid for the bag?!
  8. Thank you:smile:

  9. Thank you for the Info! Next month hubby and I are visiting Rome and I want to buy a new miu miu but can't decide between Bow and now the Modell you bought! :biggrin:
  10. I love the bow bag too, but unfortunately, it does not "suits" me, it is too "cute" for me.
  11. Yes, I love the Bow because it is so cute but I never tried the bag in Person! But next month I will and I will let you know how I decided! :graucho: I am all excited, we have no miu miu Store where I live and I always ordered my bags, I have never been to a Store in Person, I hope, I only buy a bag, not more than that! :presents 2weeks After Rome we are visiting USA and there I should continue shooooppppping! :giggles: