Color pic for jumbo caviar chanel classic flap bag

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  1.'s color PICK..hihi
    hey girls,so here's the deal..
    i got a chanel black jumbo on hold for me that i am dying to purchase by next week..but im thinking black is kinda boring?
    what do you guys think?and i live in LA is there any store that has other color that i can consider other than white or purple?
    what color do you suggest?
    ps:all u classic jumbo experts out there please help!!
    i need to decide pronto...
  2. ohh and also this will be my first chanel classic on caviar!;)
  3. dark blue is HOT.
    I want purple..where is purple?
  4. They have purple at the boutique in South Coast Plaza
  5. is it jumbo?
  6. i love this bag in the black or the purple, esp with the silver h/w.
    the only colors i remember it coming in caviar are a dusky blue and the white.
    eta: maybe grey... they had the caviar clutch in grey.
    i don't think there are any bright colors?
  7. PURPLE! It's my favorite color and looks BEAUTIFUL in this style Chanel!

    Fun and funky for LA, too!
  8. I like the black, but the purple would be my next choice.
  9. I have the black jumbo and frankly would be lost without it. It is a great bag, not boring at all. Chanel cannot be boring.
  10. :Push: No, sorry it was the medium/large size.
  11. I love the dark blue, purple and black. Sorry I am no help!
  12. Another vote for black!
  13. i love the purple lambskin!
  14. thank you all ladies!!
    everyone was helpful!
    it's such a difficult decision!!
    will let u guys know what i bought in the end..hihii
    still ponderinggggggggg..
    what other colors are available in those chanel store in LA?
    anyone know>