Color opinions! Red or black?

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  1. I've had my eye on this bag for some time and it's finally on sale. The question is, red or black?

    I have tonnes of black (as in, every bag I own is black)... but that doesn't necessarily mean I should go with the red. Which looks better?

  2. I like the black. Which isn't to say you shouldn't add color to your collection, but in this case I think the black is better.
  3. I prefer black one :smile:
  4. Both are very pretty, but I think the black looks a bit better. The red is "too red", which can be hard to pull off.
  5. Maybe because I am on a hunt for RED bags recently, this Red looks gorgeous!
    Black is too boring to me.
  6. Black, definately!
  7. Black...
  8. Sorry, don't quite recognize brand of the bags - what is it though? The shape is very pretty! If you think you have enough black bags and want a red one I say go for the red! But otherwise, the black would be more versatile..
  9. very nice bags - who makes them? I prefer the black just a bit more!
  10. RED! Red is going to be hot this Fall! RED RED RED!
  11. Personally I'd go with the black. If you want to add some color you could always add a bright scarf to it.
  12. favorite color is red, and I have this thing for red bags--You already have black bags, so I'd go a different route.

    I'd say red!
  13. I like the red one!
  14. Red!!!
  15. I prefer the black for this style; but get another bag in red!