Color opinions, please!

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  1. I am trying to decide between the Gramercy
    Satchel in either oxblood or black. Does anyone have any opinions? I like the red but I already have a bag in the red currant. Thanks in advance.
  2. Oxblood. I always pick an interesting color over black because it is easy to end up with too many black bags.
  3. Oxblood is very different from red currant, so I definitely can see having both colors. This oxblood is also a bit different from, say, the original oxblood Borough - the Gramercy leans more brown. That being said, I think the bag looks great in both colors, so I think it's a question of if you'd rather have a non-black neutral.
  4. If you are not really in need of a nice black bag, I say go for Oxblood.
  5. Oxblood.
  6. I personally can't decide between the oxblood and the red currant. I haven't seen either in person because I don't live near a Coach store. But I know from reading posts that the Gramercy oxblood is more brown than the borough oxblood and some ladies have been saying the red currant is a little less of a rich red than other bags in the same color.

    I think they would both go with almost anything, so it is hard for me to decide! I already have the borough in oxblood and also in vermillion and another darker red bag, but not the same as red currant. When I first saw the bag online I initially liked the oxblood but I keep looking at the red currant too.

    Sorry for rambling, I just can't seem to decide!! :P
  7. I would get red currant but I haven't seen either in real life.
  8. I think the oxblood iis beautiful, I vote for it.
  9. ^^^this^^^

    I love a nice true red bag too and consider it a neutral as well...the oxblood will be a great addition to your collection.