color opinion

  1. Since I have seen neither in real life, I was wondering how the Petrol Blue from last year, compares to the blueberryish color from this year? I realize that it is completely subjective, but I was am interested to hear what people's preferences are.
  2. Petrol Blue is lighter and had more tones than the Blueberry from this year. I also noticed quite a difference in leather at the store. The Blueberry was stiffer, though it probably would get softer with use. While I love the deepness of the Blueberry, I would go with PETROL any day of the week! Petrol has texture to the color, the leather is softer, bubblier, and it is utterly DIVINE.
  3. Excellent description BalenciagaLove:yes: I really can visualize what you are saying and it is very helpful. Thank you.
  4. Thanks for the descriptions....I have the petrol and I agree about the texture, softness, bubliness, although my honey wisteria is the softest leather I've ever felt--not as bubbly, though--I wonder if there's a connection?
    Anyway--the blueberry did look wonderful and I was wondering the same thing--in the picture I couldn't tell how close it was to the petrol. Still haven't seen it IRL. I suppose you could say the petrol has a slight grayness, or steeliness to the shade, although you would never describe it as gray--it's definitely very blue. Just the shade is not a greenish blue or an eye popping bright blue, as I imagine the blueberry might be...
  5. I have seen the blueberry and yes it is very bright, more on the purple side. The leather did seem stiff but I have never felt the leather on a older spy model.;)