Color Of Vanessa Hudgens Balenciaga Part-Time with Gold Hardware

  1. Hello, I'm pretty new to the site and was wondering if some of you experts would be able to tell me what color Vanessa Hudgens' Balenciaga Part Time with the Giant Gold Hardware is? Im not exactly sure whether it is Black or Anthracite. It looks like the classic black to me in most of the photos, but I could be wrong.
  2. Maybe you could attach a photo for us to see?:flowers:
  3. I believe her PT GGH is Black, and her other bBag shes photographed with frequently is a 07 Cafe Brief.
  4. Here is a picture:

  5. ^^^ It is Black. :yes:
  6. Maybe, thanks for posting the photo! It indeed is black, hmmmm did anyone else notice she painted her fingernails on just one hand?:hrmm:
  7. I normally only like silver hardware, but that bag looks great with the Gold. Hmm, too funny on the nails - maybe the papparazzi interrupted the mani-pedi??
  8. Thank you so much ladies for your help! My intuition was right!
  9. It is the part-time she is carrying as well right? In a previous thread someone said it was the city....
  10. yes it's the part-time!
  11. Its black! :yes:

    I love the gold hardware alot better than the silver, I think it stands out more! :biggrin:
  12. I'm really liking the gold hardware - very rock star!!
  13. I agree. It definately has the potential to spice up any outfit!
  14. I definitely think it's Black!