**COLOR** of UGGS TO BUY - Suggestions PLEASE

  1. I wanted some suggestions from TPF on which color UGGS to buy.

    I've had the classic style in sand and they get dirty really easily.

    Also, I'm not sure which color would look best on me,
    I'm asian with black hair, so I'm not sure if I should go with a darker color?

    such as chesnut or chocolate


    I also noticed the one I had, had rubber bottom soles, and the classic style has that flat hard sole (?) not sure what its called lol does anyone know which one would be more comfortable?

    Also what are your thoughts on the Sundance II ?


    Thanks in advanced :yes:
  2. I find that my chestnut tall uggs go with almost anything! hth...:shrugs:
  3. I agree, go with the chestnut :smile:, that's what I did with my cardys :smile:
  4. TBH, I don't think it matters what your skin colouring is, I think anyone can pull off all colours of UGGs.

    I have the short chestnuts and I love them. :heart: I don't see the point in paying extra for a little bit more length. I also love the chocolates and blacks, so I can understand why you're having a hard time choosing lol. I'd say chestnut would go with more than chocolate though.

    I :heart: the Sundance UGGs, I would've bought them had they not been so expensive here. :sad:
  5. I prefer the chestnut, too. I have a pair of the chestnut shorts. I also love the Sundance Uggs.
  6. I am Asian with dark hair and I :heart: my Chesnut tall Uggs! Like what Divadivine said, it goes with everything!
  7. The chocolate ones aren't so brown, it's almost like a taupe/brown.
  8. My first pair was the Chocolates. But right when we started walking out the door the sales lady was like, "Wait! I just found these others, reduced price!!!" Then me and my mom just turned around and looked at them. They were reduced to $50 because it was the display model & one was faded, but then she put the other under a light for a couple months & it then matched the other! So we really couldn't tell! So we took them, I love them, but its a bugger to keep clean. I manage though.
  9. My chestnut ones are easier to keep clean than my brown ones, so I'd go with chestnut!
  10. I like the look of the grey ones
  11. Chesnut are my absolute faves. They look new for a long time. I also wear black but if you live in a place where they salt the roads in winter, they will get white streaks all over them.
  12. Chestnuts and dark browns tend to go with more fall/winter colors.
  13. I am also asian with dark hair. I have both the chestnut and chocolate. They both go with everything. I love the color of the chestnut but I like the chocolate ones because you don't have to worry too much about getting them dirty.

    As for the Sundance II. I have those and they are very comfy! They are a bit heavier than the regular classic ones though, due to that harder sole. They really are cute and you don't see them as often. I also think they are actually made for snowy weather, unlike the classic boots which aren't made for wearing in the snow at all. The classics are just a cold weather boot.
  14. I have the chestnuts and they don't get dirty or salty very fast but it does show up eventually. My sister has chocolate and salt stains show up so badly on them!

    I like the Sundance II because it has the reinforced toe area - I actually have a hole in my classic talls around there. I'm upgrading to the Ultra Tall to avoid it happening again hopefully.
  15. I have both Chestnut & Chocolate, I used to have a black pair too, but gave those to my mother as I never wore them...

    Chestnut or Chocolate are the best colours to get...
    and if you have to choose...
    Chestnut is a real "ugg" colour, but if you want something more "subtle" I would go for Chocolate.

    ENJOY YOUR UGGS (what ever colour you get)!!!