Color of this MP?

  1. Hey guys,

    Just wondering, can any of you tell me what the exact color name is for this large MP? Do any of you own it? It appears blue-grey to me but it is referred to as being denim colored in the description...which I believe is more of a light blue color and no grey whatsoever (ala Devil Wears Prada MJ bag). Also any preference between small vs. large MP in terms of practicality, heaviness, etc. Thanks so much for any input!
    mj mp denim.jpg
  2. It looks like denim to me... it should be more of a blue color though, and less grey. The interior suede should be a cream color for denim.

    Some members say the larger size is really heavy. I have a few of the small sizes and I really like them. They're not too heavy and still fit a good amount of stuff.
  3. TPFer Hitchcock Blonde posted a pic of her denim MP:

    I think her pic is a better representation of the color.

    MPs are heavy bags, the larger weighing more than the smaller one (duh! lol:p). My biggest complaint about them is that the rolled strap digs into my shoulders so you can't really wear them all day.

    It is a very classic and versatile bag and holds up well over time though
  4. A search of the thread will give you tons of opinions on the MP sizes (regular or large).

    The regular too small for me, both in look and usefulness, but large is perfect.
  5. the large mp doesn't hurt when you're wearing a coat! i wear a coat a good nine months out of the year anyway.
  6. it is definitely denim. I have a venetia in this colour and it is a pale blue that has been toned down a bit (hence the greyness) with off white stitching, but the tell is the edging to the leather (I'm not sure, is this called glazing?) is a tawny brown colour and I can see it on the edges of this bag. A lovely neutral colour.