Color of the leather on the medium Carly?

  1. I just purchased the Signature Carly in the khaki/ chocolate. I wanted it in the khaki/ camel like the slim Carly. The SA said they made it in that color at one time but it is no longer available. She said they may bring it back though. My qusstion is, I don't need to use this bag right now and would really like the camel leather better, should I wait for the camel trim? Do you think this might be something the might bring back for spring? In your experience how often does Coach do this? Thanks for your input.;)
  2. You can always look on eBay and you could get it cheaper! Leave the tag on and if you see it coming to stores from a catalog snatch it up. Also look on the Japan website, they sometimes have different things. You could also try calling JAX so they could check if they have them in stock. But my first bet is always eBay, everyone is always selling something I am looking for and most of the time I get it half price. Nice deal! :tup: Don't settle on something you don't love (I learned the hard way) Wait for the perfect bag and you will love it!
  3. I saw one of these on eBay recently, new with tags. The auction ended at $238! I was kicking myself for not bidding!
  4. Help Anyone else have any ideas about them bringing back he camel/ saddle color?
  5. OP - call jax wed am and ask them, sometimes they can tell you if they're bringing back a color or maybe if there are any left at a boutique.
  6. Thanks. The SA at my boutique looked on the computer and said they don't have any but I think I will take your advice and call JAX:smile:.
  7. I saw this bag today IRL in Macy' is called Khaki/natural and I saw it in the medium Carly....HTH!
  8. A big thanks to all of you. I realized I should not keep a bag I was not in love with. I called my local Macy's and they had the khaki/ saddle bag I wanted!:yahoo: They also said they would exchange the khaki/ chocolate bag for it. My husband who is a sweetheart drove me there in the pouring rain. I am sooooooooooooooo happy. I tried calling JAX again but they said that color would not be brought back. I love the color of that leather. Thanks again :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: