color of MJ Blake

  1. Ladies, I have decided to buy MJ Blake next week. Yay! =)
    Which color do you like? I am looking for a more neutral color that will go with my work wardrobe. I'm leaning toward Nutmeg (light Brown) and Black (but I don't like white threading on black leather).

    Saw Black/Nutmeg/Putty/Butter/Blue/Orange/.. Blake in person before, but I thought it was a bit big for me at that time. Tried it on again recently and thought it's a good size. Now that I have decided to get it, both of my local Nordstroms have sold out (not expecting new shipment). =( My SA's transferring Nutmeg and White for me next week.
  2. I want a Blake as well. I would love to have black but I hate the contrasting stitching. I like the nutmeg. Post pics when you get it :biggrin:
  3. Pursegalsf, we think alike. =) I don't like the contrast stitching on the Black Blake as well. Most likely, I'll get Nutmeg when the transferred items come in. Nutmeg is not exactly my must-have color, it's a bit too Brown for me. I want a neutral color though, so I am going for it still. Any color suggestion?

    My SA said White is very nice, I am not sure if it's the same as the off-white one I saw at NM (could be Venetia, can't remember). Not getting White b/c I am getting White Muse.
  4. I absolutely love my Black MJ Blake. It is my everyday bag for work, and its perfect size. I honestly have not seen Blake in a color that I don't like. The leather is fantastic and the bag is so versatile. I know you will love it no matter what color you decide to get!
  5. I think the tan Blake is the better pick, especially if you don't like the contrast stitching. I did see someone with an orange blake yesterday, and thought it looked really great. Let us know what you decide to do!
  6. Jag & SuLi: Thank you. =)
    Most of the stores here don't get shipments of Blake anymore so I don't have a lot of choices left. Unless I come across another color when I pick up the tan (Nutmeg) this week, tan will be it.
  7. I have the Blake in teal from a couple seasons back. I know you will love it. I also vote for the tan.
  8. I have a black Blake and this blue one which is called denim. It's a nice neutral IMO.
  9. I have not checked but you might want to try marc jacobs' website, eluxury, and" target="_blank" class="TPFinsert"> - you never know you just might get lucky!
  10. annsfabulousfinds: Thanks. Most likely I'm getting Tan (though it's a bit too Brown for me).

    Kat: Thanks for posting the picture. =) Your Denim is nice, love the silver hardware (like it more than Gold on Blake). You carry Blake beautifully, it looks big on me (5 ft).

    Jag: I checked many online stores for color reference. has colors like Black, Linen, Nutmeg, Denim (Spring 06), White. I wish Nutmeg Blake looks like the one depicted on their site, it's darker in real life.

    I will get mine from my local Bloomingdale's (Friends and Family Event, 20% off) or Nordstrom (price match). I just realized that I'm going on a MJ spurge. I already have MJ Elise in Black Patent, the Cream Bowler (not Patent) caught my attention again (good size for me)! I am thinking of getting it together with Blake, but I'm very concerned about color transfer from clothing. If I didn't fall in love with Black Patent Elise, I would definitely get Cream Patent Bowler.

    Powdered Cladestine (tried it on over the weekend, it's nice) and White Muse are also on my list. I really need help as there are too many bags and I am trying to spread out my purchases. Any suggestions? =)
  11. I think the Blake is a great bag. I had one from Elux, and ended up returning it because I had credit at the MJ store...and decided I'll get it there. I'm like you...don't know which color - but I'll probably go for the metalic silver again (it's a nice pewter) unless they come out with a black one with black stitching.

    I haven't seen the clandestine IRL yet, but I'm sure I will. I heard it's nice. The Muse is nice, but you may tire of it quickly.
  12. Black on Black for Blake sounds nice, I am told by SAs that Blake is not being continued. Most of the stores don't have any colors left so they are harder to find.

    Thank you everyone for replying. -) I decided to get my bags from Nordstrom (price match to Bloomingdale's F&F event), I always like their service (along with Costco) and prefer to buy from them. I am getting both Nutmeg Blake (has to be transferred from another location) and Chalk Bowler from San Diego store. Will get discount on the Medium Muse as well when it arrives. =) Yay!!!

    I only like Cladestine in Pink, however, it's only available from NAP. I hestitate to order from oversea b/c of the trouble of having to send it back in case there's any issue with it. Nordstrom has Black, Luggage, and Cream though.

  13. I got a Blake in [SIZE=-1]Pomogranade (close to Ferrari red, but not quite - SA at Bloomingdales claimed that that color was a limited edition) in 2004. I chose that color because I did not like the contrast stitching.

    Whichever color you choose, I am sure you will love the bag for its practicality and roominess. I have carried mine a lot, but there are hardly any signs of wear. I can easily fit a letter-sized file or notepad in the middle compartment for meetings. I have not tried it yet, but I could probably put my little laptop in there as well.:lol:

    Please post pics once you get the beautiful bag!
  14. I am absolutely in love right now with MJ's putty color. If you haven't bought it yet, I would recommend looking again at the putty, it's such a veratile color and it would look fab on a blake, esp. if the nutmeg is a little too brown for you. I have the petunia color from last season or so, here's a pic.
    Photo 33.jpg
  15. Gloriajk & Sugarfish, thank you for replying. =)
    I haven't actually bought (paid for) the Nutmeg Blake yet, my local Nordstroms are sold out of all colors. My SA is trying to transfer available ones in so that I can decide: White and Nutmeg. I will ask whether she can find a Putty Blake as well. Sugarstarfish, your Petunia Blake is beautiful It's perfect on you. =)
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