Color of Mini Bowling, which one??

  1. I would like to get a mini bowling, but couldn't decide which color to get. I am torn between truffle and blueberry. Which color do you think is better? I usually wear white, black, orange, brown, sometimes pink. And I already own a black First. Any suggestion?
  2. Blueberry is so yummy in the MiniB!
  3. i'm leaning to the truffle :p
  4. Blueberry!
  5. have you found a truffle? they're kind of hard to come by in the spring colors, but there is a blueberry on eBay right now for a good price.
  6. BLUEBERRY!!! I have it in the courier style and it matches everything I kid you not and it also has that amazing balenciaga 'pop' especially against purples and greens!
  7. I saw the blueberry one on eBay. It looks great. I haven't seen truffle yet, but hgbags will have one arrive in 2 weeks if available. I think "if available" means there is no guarantee that she will get one in. So, maybe I should grab the blueberry one on eBay?

  8. I would get the Blueberry - for some reason Bal keeps redoing Truffle ....
  9. Blueberry. It's yummy and one of my favorite Bal colors.
  10. Can this bag fit comfortably over your shoulders?

    I hope I'm not driving everyone crazy with this question :sweatdrop:
  11. It might be easier for you to look at and it tells you most strap drops for these bags. I think the Mini Bowling, Purse, Part Time, Work and Bowling should fit good on your shoulder.
  12. Thank you MRG!!
  13. Yes. It fits really comfortable over your shoulder. Here's my Grenat Mini Bowling:
  14. Blueberry!:love:
  15. Blueberry!! It is SUCH a lovely colour!!