COLOR of lining inside AZUR pochette & cles??

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  1. okay I can't find any pics of the inside of an azur pochette or cles.........what color is the lining inside them?? and what is the material??

  2. For the pochette, it's canvas like the mono and ebony Damier lines, but it's a light tan color. :yes:
  3. does the cles have the reg mono leather lining, like a pap does??

    oh and doesn't the reg damier pochette have red lining??

    the damier illovo I got is sorta orangey while on pics of the speedy damier it looks red........are they actually the same color??
  4. I think the cles does have the leather lining...and I'm not sure about the Ebony pochette since I don't have that one, only the Azur.
    But with the Illovo and the Speedy, I think it depends. I've seen an orangey color on other models but with the Speedy, the lining is pretty much a solid red unless it was an older Special Order, in which case it was orange-ish.
  5. the reg damier pochette the inside is red! i got mine in dec. and it is a bright red
  6. For the Azur, the inside is a light creamy beige colour...kinda like coffee mate!