Color of leather trim question

  1. Hi!

    I'm new to this forum, and I have a question for you LV experts - I was recently given an LV monogramme popincourt haute by my aunt (she'd gotten tired of it) and I assumed it was real. Then, I walked by the LV store...and I saw that all the bags on display in the window had lighter color trim and handles - cream color, rather than the camel shade that is on mine, if you know what I mean. But then, on the street, I see a mix of both camel and cream! So my question is: did LV come up with a new shade, or am I stuck with a fake? Haha...please help me clear up this conundrum before I bring my bag to college! Thanks ladies =)
  2. are you able to post pic's ?
    It could be that your bag has just started to patina, thus having the darker handles/trim.
  3. YEs please post pics. The light colored handles you saw at the LV store is just raw vachetta. Over time the leather turns a honey color, which sounds like the camel you are referring to. Please post pics of it and we will let you know if it is real or fake
  4. I was expecting to read "caramel". "Camel" amused me. teehee
  5. Yes, the color.
  6. hahah the whole camel thing could be from reading too many guides on middle east travel before I posted =P Anyway, my camera is refusing to charge, so I guess I'll post later tomorrow when I can borrow my friends'. Thanks for your help! And're right, it's honey colored I suppose