Color of Lady Braid Violet and Jumbo Violet

  1. Have anyone seen IRL the Color of Lady Braid Violet and Jumbo Violet? Are they the same violet?

    Both pics are taken from earlier post in the forum.
    LadyBraid.jpg violetfonce.jpg
  2. I asked my SA at NM if they were the same color and she said the lady braid was a darker purple, almost a plum color, but when I look at the lady braid pics, it's doesn't look as dark as my SA said it was going to be :shrugs: .
  3. Hi Sophia. NO they are not. I just got my jumbo lambskin classic flap in the violet wed, and will try to post pics tom. I saw the purple lady braid today and it is darker than my lambskin. The jumbo is a richer and more vibrant shade or purple and just pops. I think it has alot to do with the different types of lambskin. The jumbo is so gorgeous and rich, whereas the lady braid seemed like a more subdued deeper purple, and little bit more dull because of the crushed lambskin. I will take pics and post tomorrow.
  4. :wlae: Thank you. I'll look out for your pics tomorrow. Congrats on your new jumbo!
  5. Thanks, will post pics.
  6. Yeah, both pics were taken by me! clk55girl is right. Lady braid is much dull purple color to it. For me, it wasn't really attractive color for this particular style......color made this bag look "old". Classic Flap's color is GORGEOUS, it's one of the best purple I've seen on bags.
  7. Can I check is the hardware in Gold or Silver?
  8. ^agree with wintotty! the violet of the lady braid is definitely duller than on the flap.
  9. Hardware is gold. But it can look silver with different lighting, it is a very very light gold.
  10. harware on jumbo is silver, lady braid like like a yellow gold. Pics will come later today, Sorry for the delay :flowers:
  11. You are absolutely right, it did look old. It's because of the variation in the different lambskins, my jumbo is smoother, and my SA said the lady braid is a crushed lambskin, which is not as soft as the jumbo style, that's why it looked a little wrinkled to me, almost distressed.
  12. i saw the classic lambskin in violet irl and it is absolutely stunning. the color is more brilliant than the lady braid's violet. also, i like the silver hardware better... it brings out the color nicely. so pretty!