color of dustbag for cerise speedy

  1. what color dustbag are you supposed to get for the speedy 25 (cerises)
  2. Yea, it's red...
  3. I freaking love the red dustbag
  4. Yea, it matches the cerises perfectly..! :love:
  5. Love the red.
  6. The red is nice, it kind of reminds me of those French Co. style bags.. and of course, its' cute because it matches the cherries !
  7. On another note the new nomade lockits also have red dustbags:heart:
  8. Ooooh really ? How cute !! :love:
  9. I know ....I want a nomade vertical lockit:heart:
  10. I don't think my Speedy ever came with a dustbag..I'll have to check. I know for sure I got one for my pochette though and it was red.
    But yep, the dustbags are supposed to be red, unless the store had run out and they'd stick with the regular tan dustbags :smile:
  11. Red Red Red Red
  12. Yeah the dustbags were red. I think they should have made the dustbags for the cherry blossoms pink. That would have been so cooool! :jammin:
  13. a little off topic but i love the satin dustbags for the les extroidinaires collection. ive seen some on eBay go over 80 bucks!