Color of Dark Red Christian Louboutin from NaturalGasGirl Runs

  1. Hi all, I bought this pair of CL from NaturalGasGirl (ebay) but I found that the color runs. If my hand is slightly damp and I touch the shoes, my hands will become red after that!

    May I ask if anyone has this problem with their dark red CL peep-toes? Are they fake?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I've brought stuff from NaturalGasGirl before and she does sell authentic shoes but usually above retail.
  3. Glad someone asked, I have a pair of her shoes in my "my eBay" section to watch but I couldn't understand why she was selling them so expensive. I hope they are authentic
  4. I don't doubt her authenticity but her prices are over the top. She was selling Lanvin ballet pumps at close to $100 above retail when you could get them in Barney's for $515
  5. Haven't bought from her. I was able to get my yoyo zeppa from NM in that same color as yours, but the color doesn't run.
  6. sophiawinter, I don't know if I am able to assist you with the challenge you are having with the CLs. I have the black version(I know you mentioned red) of your pair(bought from Saks) and I have not had any issues with color transferring. But this is not to say that the ones you own are fake.
  7. Sophia, I have bought from NGG before and received authentic CLs.

    I also have the red yoyos that you posted, which I bought from Saks. I haven't tried touching with a damp hand, and I am now curious to give this I try when I get home. I have only worn my red yoyos once, and they did leave a red outline on my foot when I took them off at the end of the day.
  8. This is very interesting because I thought maybe you would post suede shoes. Its strange that patent would run.
  9. Sophia --

    I'm sorry to advise, but Louboutin did have problems with that particular color in that shoe that my CL rep in Paris told me were a problem from one of the factories and not others. :tdown: Being that you bought from NGG and not from a boutique, I don't see that you have any recourse. :sad:

    NGG has always sold authentic items, but her prices are outrageous, usually about 20 - 40% above retail -- for items STILL IN STORES! I wouldn't purchase from her if I had an option.
  10. Thank you everyone for their replies. I guess I'll just have to be very careful not to wear them if its raining.

    Having said that, its really a very lovely pair of shoes. I'm wearing them today, but a little bit to high for me though.
  11. I agree! I understand if you want to pay those prices for something hard to find, but when I know I can walk into a store or boutique and simply pay retail, or on the rare occasion get hooked up with a discount, I'd avoid paying her prices.