Color of Bearns Decision

  1. I need opinions please!!:hrmm: I just came back from Florida where I purchased a black supple togo 35cm Kelly with gold HW. :love:
    I also bought a fushia alligator bi-fold Bearn wallet with silver HW about five weeks ago from Chicago. Anyway, while away I saw a black alligator with gold HW and dark brown crocodile with gold HW bi-fold Bearn and am loving the black because I have soooo much black and feel that I should buy a basic color since it is a very expensive purchase for me for a wallet. I'm not sure if I should keep the fushia or trade it for the black or brown. :rolleyes: My SA is holding the black right now till I decide.:noworry:
  2. Hi Lovehermes!!!

    Although I love fuschia and think it would be a gorgeous punch of color among the black, sounds like you really have your heart set on the black croc!! And might I add- if its in croc, you can't go wrong no matter what color you decide! Just follow your heart!!!

    Oh, and one more thing- POST PICS!!! So happy for you!
  3. Oh thanks Jag!! I will post pics and want to meet you too!!
  4. Ohhh - My vote is black!!!!!!:yes:
  5. Don't think twice...Go With Black!!!!
  6. keep the fuschia & get the black. there's nothing wrong w/ having 2 bearns!
  7. Oh thanks Kirstie and Kellybag!! Kellybag if I buy the black I'll be sending the fushia back to Bal Harbour. to keep both but feel it's overkill...don't know.
  8. I have the same one as yours. I absoultely love it:heart: :heart: :heart: . My SA said fushia is much more popular than black one, and it is hard to come by. I mean if you have many black bags, fushia will be a good accent accessory to black bags. If you really want black wallet, what about keep the fushia alligator wallet, and get a regular leather black wallet as well if having two alligator wallets is too much expense... I would be so sad:cry: if you let go of fushia one as I know how beautiful it is since I have one as well.
  9. i think i would prefer the fuschia, just to have a punch of color, but i'm sure the black crocodile is nice too! i think whichever you choose will be stunning! please post pics so we can see!!!
  10. Black croc! In wallets, I prefer darker colors. Wallets go through much more handling than bags, IMO, so it's better to have it in a darker color where the wear and tear don't show as much.
  11. fuchsia -- much cooler
  12. fuschia as well - easier to find!
  13. Well as a fellow "Black" gal, I would have to say I'd probably go for the Black Gator because to me, black gator is so sophisticated and chic looking. THEN I'd go for a bright color in an agenda and a cosmetic case. Black Gator with gold hw? STUNNING!

    You will love that thing your whole life!
  14. Agree!:yes:
  15. lovehermes: What is your decision leaning towards to? May I ask...?:rolleyes: