Color Me Happy! My H Prayers Were Answered!!!

  1. DH and I just got home from a 4 day trip to NYC. It was fantabulous!!:wlae: Thank goodness the strike ended so we were able to see one of the shows we had tickets for. Ate at some wonderful restaurants, took a carriage ride through Central Park among other "touristy" excursions. BUT the most exciting adventure of the entire trip was my maiden voyage to the Hermes store!:yahoo:Thanks to a very nice friend I was treated like royalty on my first visit.:love: I must admit I was a little nervous after reading some of your stories about snooty SA's and the like. My SA was very delightful, friendly and helpful. I KNEW exactly what I wanted in a bag but never dreamed I would actually be able to get it! I couldn't have done better if I had made a special order! My prayers were answered! Introducing my gorgeous HAC 32 rouge vif in Fjord with PH! OMG....I absolutely LOVE this bag!:love::heart::girlsigh: I also picked up a wallet in rose shocking chevre (I think...please correct me if I am wrong!) plus a lovely plisse scarf. Oops sorry....don't know the name but loved the colors! Hopefully I can upload these pics. Have patience! UH OH....technical difficulties.....must downsize the pics! Be right back!:upsidedown:
  2. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE...rouge vif? OMG!!!
    And rose shocking is my favorite form of pink!!!
  3. Ok! Let's try again!
    Hermes boxes.jpg HAC.jpg
  4. And a few more!
    HAC & wallet.jpg HAC,wallet & scarf.jpg
  5. Congrats!!! Totally MAJOR!!!
  6. woweeeeeee! that is just BEAUTIFUL! congrats!! and i am so happy you had a good time at the store and NYC! you picked a good time to come with the strike finally over! although it got all kinds of crazy again! I work right in times square and today being matinee day it was a nightmare! lol. i can't wait to see your wallet too. i LOVE rose shocking!

    and btw- half my family is in dallas! love dallas!
  7. It's impossible not to fall in love with those colors!!!! OMG! Just gorgeous!

  8. OMG! :nuts: :nuts: :drool: :girlsigh: WOW! That is so lovely.
  9. They are absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!
  10. Stunning! Congratulations!


    psst .... tricia .... are you looking?​
  11. Gorgeous!!!! Congrats!
  12. Thanks MPS, hlfinn, Jag & RBB! I could do that every week! We love going to NYC especially this time of year....magical! We stayed at the W Times Square hlfinn....we love the hustle and bustle. We saw Cyrano and may I say that Kevin Kline was BRILLIANT! Jennifer Garner was very good too! But nothing compares to my H visit! Memorable!:heart: Thanks Rose, Mrs. S & Kelly100!
  13. The colors are stunning and look beautiful side by side!!! congrats!!!!!
  14. they're beautiful!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    congrats! you did very well in NYC!
  15. ooh i missed the wallet! love it! and the blue of that plisse is tdf!