color me beautiful

  1. what H colors are the most durable in terms of not showing the smudges of daily life?

    let's say it's for a togo bag, just to keep other factors out of the way. so the leather is already pretty durable, and textured.

    my experience with raisin is that it's like camouflage for life - nothing shows.

    besides black, are there any other H colors you've lived with that have proven to hold up as beautifully (without excessive babying/protecting - meaning, pristine white, always carried in a longchamp tote does not count! lol)?
  2. The indigo I had was a workhorse color; my brighton blue is a super duper color although I don't have it in togo and not sure it comes in togo; rouge h?? And I agaree with raisin!!!
  3. Gold Togo wears like iron, HH. Love, love, love it!
  4. Rouge H is also a great one!
  5. I have black Togo. It so far has been a workhorse.
  6. this is very helpful.
    indigo i would categorize with black i think, impenetrable
    this is very interesting to hear about gold and rouge h.
    i think of raisin as fairly dark... would rouge h be about as dark as raisin irl? so hard to compare such different colors.
    and gold i would have been scared of - love opening my list a bit. so appreciate the feedback!
  7. stop taunting me w/ raisin color...:drool::drool::drool:
  8. I don't know this for a fact but I'll bet etoupe is a trouper!
  9. In togo? It will have to be GOLD.
  10. Chocolate - Ebene - Togo - Clemence !

    Takes a licking and keeps on ticking !
  11. mrs: really? really?

    I am 50/50 on raisin and gold now....:drool::graucho:
  12. Rouge H is definitely brighter than Raisin in Togo, although I don't think of it as a particularly vivid color. :yes:
  13. raisin is the best color ever imo.
  14. Fesdu, I find Gold in Togo delicious. And it's the easiest colour to wear and match all seasons. Raisin is beautiful too but maybe too dark for SS? I don't have the seasons here where I am, so the ladies wear all sorts of colours all year around. But I think in temperate colours, choice of colours vis a vis the seasons, will matter more.

    I particularly like lighter colours in Togo, as the grains are more prominent in lighter colours. Yummy!
  15. yes i agree, rouge h is not like vermillion, etc.
    but when you say rouge h is brighter than raisin, do you mean brighter or lighter, or is there a difference? lol