Color Matters: $350 difference???!

  1. I can't believe there's a cream Day for only $652 and the vert Day next to it is $1010!! :wtf: That's an almost ridiculous difference! Wish I liked the cream because it's such a great deal!!
  2. Absolutely :yes:. You can see the same bag in the same color go for more than $350 difference in price on eBay depending on the leather characteristics and color saturation. Because the color matters you're still not buying the cream at that great price.
  3. All of the ivorie coloured bags have been cheaper on they obviously are not as popular.

    Who knows... it IS a great deal though!
  4. I snapped up a cream Day for $550 never thought they would accept my bid, its brand new and the leather is amazing ( i have a secert amount of B bags most of which are 04/05s and this Ivory Leather is amazing, snapped it up for the summer!
  5. WOW! Someone loved them...they are both gone! Thank you for the info though:flowers:
  6. Wow - did anyone see the great deal on the white leather/black suede combo SGH city bag? Too bad I'm too hard on my bags to get one in suede!
  7. Well, what you said precisely explained why the price diff. exists...not many people want the cream color because it's so hard to keep clean...and it's also not an "exciting" color (although it is beautiful, in my opinion).