Color matching charm with bag -opinions?

Dec 11, 2016
Hey all, as mentioned in a few threads, I just got the medium Rogue in black with the orangey-yellow suede/stitching (mmmm Ouija-licious). I love Coach's skull bag charm, but the store near me doesn't have this guy in stock, so I can't try it against the bag to see if the color plays nicely with the contrasting details or if it's different enough to clash. I know the colors sometimes photograph brighter for the Coach site than they are in reality. Does anyone have this skull charm and/or the black Rogue? Or has anyone seen these two items in person and would be able to offer an opinion? Thanks in advance!

canvas.png 11493467_7152363_480.jpg
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Feb 15, 2014
'over the rainbow'
Wish I could help you (I don't own either item) but from your pics it looks like that will look really good together! They don't have to match exactly and sometimes when there's a color variance that can be a good thing....makes it pop that much more.
Love your bag, I have the red Market tote with the daisy field lining but haven't been able to wear it outside yet because we've been snowed in!!! Can't wait to use her, love your bag too.