Color Matches

  1. I think this thread can come in handy for those of us who are considering adding new colors into our bag collections since we often want to know in advance whether a certain Hermes shade can go with certain spectrum of colors in our wardrobe. Let's list the Hermes shades and the colors that we think can go with that shade based on our experience and observation. Please feel free to add.

    Works with: Purple, Pink, Violet, Blue, Navy, Grey, Black, White, Beige, any pinstripes or patchwork or patterned clothes with any hints of purple in it.

    Works with: Various shades of pink, black, white, brown, grey, beige, lilac, any apparel with pinstripes or dominant pattern with any pink shades

    Ladies, please feel free to add your input and colors.
  2. ok mayb i am in the minority but ablack bag does not go with everything if you wear ablack bag there has to be something balck in your wardrobe otherwise it looks. like "oh no matching bag but black goes always so they say) :shame:
  3. Hm ... well I suppose someone who is wearing all white would look a little odd carrying a black bag and vice versa. And yeah, you do need a bit of the color somewhere. I'm just going to leave the black and white out.
  4. Oh I LOVE a black bag with an all white outfit and black shoes! I wear a lot of black myself and tend to use my black bags but I HAVE to have somthing on that ISN'T black for balance and a little "spark". If I'm in ALL black, I'll use my Caramel Kelly or my vintage combo Kelly and certainly when the Croc comes I'll be using her as well.
  5. actually that does look good (with matching shoes or belt etc) due to the complete contrast. what i meant was i often see woman in colourful bright clothes and then paired with a black bag. that just look odd to me.
  6. Oh boy, I feel embarrassed now. Well as you ladies now know, I suck at styles:Push: . Ok, I know I DO look odd wearing all white and carrying a black bag or vice versa. For me, I have to match somewhere but that's just me.:yes:

    Ok, so how about other colors? I only have experience with Cyclamen and Fuchsia so those are the only ones I can come up with.
  7. No, no Kou....wear all white and then maybe a pair of black flats and belt with a black bag or all white with a black cropped jacket, black flats and a black bag. Just make sure to tie something in so you look balanced....could even just be a fabby scarf with some color along with black in it. Dynomite IMO.
  8. or an all white suit with black blouse and a black bag or a black dress with white strappy sandals a white csashemre cardigan and a white bag or what always goes all white and white bag and all black and black bag
  9. Ok, I seriously think I need fashion help. Everytime I read suggestions on what to wear, the combos sound STUNNING! :love:

    I think I'm a boring dresser. I need some style.

    On shoes/bags I'm good. Everything else, I need help.:Push:
  10. Potiron: works with chocolate brown, black with jeans, all tans, white, gorgeous with all shades of blue, most shades of green (especially apple green, some pale, clear pinks that have a little orange (not fuchsia)
    Rouge Hermes: Browns, tans, black, periwinkle, gorgeous with light pink, white, navy
  11. I would add brown to the cyclamen color matches...H even pairs cyclamen with ebene on some bags!