Color & Leather type - Help please!

  1. This question is actually two fold. And the pics are from the Japanese thread that a fellow TPFer unearthed. Talk about eye candy...:drool:
    1. Can someone please identify the color of the croc? I've looked at that darn photo twice and still can't tell. Plus is it matte? :confused1: The lighting is throwing me off.
    2. Does anyone know the leather used on the bolide? I just adore the vibrancy of the orange hue.
    I know, I know... what is it with me and large bags. Go figure. :shrugs:

    Thanks all!
    Japanese croc.jpg Japanese bolide.jpg
  2. Was it me or?

    I can't seem to blow up the pictures.
  3. Me too! The photos are too small. Can't enlarge them.
  4. I can't enlarge them, either.
  5. Whew! I'm not the only one.
  6. ^^^If you go to the thread "should I go to Japan?" there you have the same pics and more, and you can enlarge them....but I still can't make out what the specs are!
  7. I am guessing:


    1. Graphite


    2. The leather looks very smooth here like Swift.
  8. Love the graphite!
  9. Are those bags second hand or new?
  10. ^ I believe most of them are new. Sold at one of the resellers in Japan.
  11. Thank you so much, Queenie! Sorry about that gals. I don't know how my attachments shrank.:s

    Does anyone know if that's matte graphite? It's so pretty...:girlsigh: