Color/leather availability?

  1. Okay - I'm totally broke and will be for the next 2-3 months, but a girl can dream, no?

    I've searched the forum but was not able to find this info. In which colors/leathers is the large Dogon wallet available? Also the BeBop? I'm thinking that lilac or cyclamen and vert anis would be good colors for goodies inside my cocoan kelly. At some point, I will want to purchase a wallet and something to use as a cosmetic bag. I understand that the Karo is now discontinued.

    Any info/advice, ladies?
  2. Hm, I don't know the complete lists of colors, but I have seen Dogons in lots of colors including Vert Anis, Bicolors like brown/rose shocking, Blue Jean, Gold, Orange (or Potiron maybe?), Black, Rouge Garance and many more. I am not sure that either lilac or cyclamen are currently in production. As for leathers, primarily they come in Togo though they also come rarely in Rodeo which is almost suede like.

    Not sure about the Bebop as it seems like I only ever see them in Rose Dragee or Orange!

    I'm devastated the the Karo is discontinued :cursing:
  3. Last week FSH had BeBops only in rose dragee, gold and BJ, but it comes in orange and rose shocking, too. Maybe others know if it comes in other colours as well? Could the colours be seasonal?

    I got this list a month ago from one Scandinavian H about large Dogons, it's only a list what they had to offer, so other colours may be available.
    Vert Anis/Silver
    Blue Jean/Silver
    Blue Jean with Gold
    Gold colour/with gold metal
    Rouge Garance/Silver
    A dark deep red/silver
    Dark brown/Silver
    Crème yellowish/silver
    Medium brown/silver
  4. love the karo. why are they being discontinued? so sorry.
  5. I have only seen the Dogon wallets in Togo. Not sure if they come in other skins. So one can safely assume that you can get Dogon wallets in the whole range of colours available in Togo. (see the colour availability thread in the reference section)

    And the BeBop is made of Swift - also check that colour availability thread.

    No, the Karo is not being discontinued. Our store has been ordering and still receiving loads of them.
  6. mrssparkles- thanks for the update. glad the karo is staying.
  7. I can tell India's new Kelly carried the Hermes virus. As far as I know, there is no cure.

    While I think Karos are overrpiced for what they are, the larger model can be used as a clutch. I was surprised at its capacity. And it's a great organizer to use in a larger bag.
  8. I've heard from two SAs now that the Karo is in fact being discontinued--maybe they mean "taking a break in production" as opposed to "never offered again"? I hope so!
  9. What- No!! It can't happen.. The Karo:crybaby:I'm not done yet!!
  10. I know!!! I don't even HAVE one yet! I am hoping against hope that they were wrong (both SAs were from the same store, so it's possible I guess??). :sad:
  11. If you're in the U.S. I've seen some Karos around so have your SA do a search for you on the computer. When I was at FSH earlier this year, they only had two in stock, and the SA there asked someone who also said they were being discontinued. I really hope this isn't the case because it is my favorite accessory after their wallets! The trim profile of the Karo fits ever so neatly inside the Kelly.

    The BeBop also comes in Turquoise Swift.
  12. Phooey! No lilac in togo! Guess it's a good thing I win the eBay auction on a violet leather small zipper bag this morning. I can use it for my makeup and then get a Dogon wallet in vert anis someday. Somehow, those two colors just "sing" to me with that dark cocoan brown bag.

    Thanks, ladies! I had forgotten about the leather/color reference section. There is SO much info on this forum!!!
  13. ^ India, don't forget to post a pic on the rainbow colours inside your bag thread when you have your goodies. I would love to see your new kelly with her friends. What a fabulous bag!
  14. Karo was my second reason to go to Paris, so it's a real bummer it's being discontinued :cursing: Copenhagen had them a while back, but not in the colour I wanted. It's shape is so much more convenient than BeBops..
  15. i agree with MsReya - i was in paris last week, looking for the KARO & the SAs there said that the KARO has been discontinued & replaced by the BEBOP.

    it was disappointing.