color info/Cervo folding handbag

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  1. Hi PF'ers, I don't usually post on this forum but wanted to share some info. on the very pretty Prada bag I got yesterday - I ordered the Cervo folding bag from BG in the aquamarine color - to me it looks very seafoamy, blue/green online - IRL it turned out to be the loveliest grassy-green - no blue in it at all :smile: but works for me since I don't have a green bag, and I love it! Just wanted to post that info. in case anyone was considering this bag -- the shape on it is GREAT and it will hold a lot, and clears my shoulder nicely. :tup:
  2. congrats on your new purse!

    I was eyeing that too before but wasn't sure about the color IRL. Can you post pics?

  3. ^^ Hi, no charged camera at the moment - will grab some pix in the morning and post for ya! :smile: will try to get some inside and outside so you get a good idea of color.