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  1. So, I've totally been sucked into the dark side with Balenciaga! LOVE the leathers! So yummy. I have 1.5 MU's (1 is in the mail :graucho:) and 1 CP and I just got my first First. It was pre-loved from RDC and it's color was beige (I believe the official color is Natural). The First is a great size and I really love it, but would also like a City for when I need a bigger bag - espeically for all the traveling I'm doing this spring/summer.

    So I had my mind made up that my next bag would be a black City with regular hardware. I'm really looking at the City as more of a long-term investment and don't want to be trading it in. Though the more I look at colors, I feel like maybe I should go away from a "safe" black and go for a color... especially now that I've seen some of the colors in my accessories. What do you guys think? Stick with the black or go for a color? Like I said, I really don't want to be trading in bags all the time and want this to be a long-term investment. Ahhhh I don't know what to do?!! Any advice? :thinking:
  2. If you plan to use the bag for travel, I would stick with black since the darker color will hide dirt etc.
  3. I honestly would say go for colors. I know Black is the classic Bbag, but the black bags are so common in all brands, whereas all the incredible Bal colors are so unique and fun!
  4. I denied the black city for a long time, believing it was all about the colours. Finally, my first black city arrived in the mail yesterday, and now I get it. It is a great bag, it literally will go with everything, and it will improve with age. Whilst I still love my (darker) colours, this black city will last me a lifetime.

    That said, if there is a colour out there that is truly calling you, and can see yourself carrying for a long time, then go for it.
  5. I think if you really only want to own ONE CITY, then the black should be it! You can wear it with anything and bring it anywhere, anytime! Nothing compares to that! It's practical and stylish :smile:
  6. I think a black city w/ RH is the quintessential Balenciaga bag. Get that, then for your next purchase (and you KNOW there will be a next purchase), go for a spashy color! :smile:
  7. So true! There really isn't a color that's calling me (I do like papeete, but I'm content with my CP for now) and although I liked sorbet... I have a bright pink Coach bag that I kept that I still really like. I think I'll def stick with the black City than! Woohoo. I feel much better! Thanks!! :yahoo:

    I think once you're considering spending over 1k for a bag, you just kind of start doubting yourself a little bit (or at least I do). But I think this will be a good investment for now.

  8. Agreed - Black RH City is a classic that you won't regret!! :graucho:
  9. try to buy extra tassels when you get it though! Those suckers tend to sell out, so it's always good to keep some on hand :cool:
  10. You definitely can't go wrong with a black City!
  11. Every girl needs the quintessential black City. I say go for it!!! That was the bag that started it all for me...then came the colors...
  12. Yeah! Now I feel empowered. :smile: I'm a little bummed though because Corey emailed me and said the 2005 black city was avaliable but decided against it because it was pretty used and that I might want to get a newer one for the same price. Then I decided what the heck because the leather looked amazing and it was gone! Geeze, you girls don't waste time! Lol