Color help: Mogano v. Truffe v. Tabac

  1. Hi experts -

    I'm helping my sister decide on which color in the Day to get... We've had such a hard time.... She's looking for deep color with COLOR, preferrably more RED than brown/chocolate.

    We're probably such color blind that we can't tell the difference very well. Can you help dinstinguish and differenciate the 3 colors?


    Which one has more red undertone and contains the most color pigment?

  2. i think she'll be happy with either a tabac/sienna or the mogano/cinammon. to me, the mogano is a more rich dark color then the sienna, which is like a brighter brown/orange. the mogano is a deep reddish chocolate color...

    hope that helps!! i think there are both colors on eBay right now, if you just want to check them out for a comparison :yes:

    here, check out this thread:

    both colors are here...
  3. Mogano is gorgeous and sounds closest to what your sister wants. Good luck!!
  4. I definitely vote for the mogano- but I'm biased because I just got one! ;) Still, mogano is the darkest out of all the colors you mentioned, and a very rich color. It also has a burgandy red undertone to it that I loooove. I just posted pics of my mogano, if you want to see more pics. And there have been quite a few posts of other moganos and siennas lately, just look through some of the threads. Good luck!
  5. This is a close up of Mogano. Not the best representation with flash. Mogano definitely has reddish undertones... and is one of my favorite browns, very rich in color.


    Heres a close up of Sienna...


    Sienna is more of a rustic reddish brown.

    I had truffle briefly for about a week before returning it. It's a brown-brown... with no red undertones. With the variations of leather.. I've seen it best on Mogano or Sienna. Good luck with your decision~!
  6. WOW, thanks ladies for the valuable input!

    Sounds like mogano is the color for her!!!