color help for the gaucho !!!

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I know that all of you here have a good taste. I need your help with the gaucho. I have the chance to choose the color :love: for my new "It" bag.

    So I went to the Dior shop today and the white color looked a little bit trashy :sad2: to me. So now I would go for the double saddle in brown.

    which color would you prefer? pls help me !!!

    In switzerland the double saddle costs "only" 1200$.
  2. I really want either "trashy" white {ROFL!} or red personally.
  3. Are you in Switzerland? Is the double saddle the large size? If so thats a great deal. I would get the red or olive, but I am waiting for a brown Gerard Darel bag. Some people think the red is dirty looking so if distressed is no your thing maybe the brown or olive would be better.
    I never considered the white becasue in Canada you would only carry it 3 months out of the year. Meg posted good pictures of the red in the blog.
    Good Luck, it a beautiful bag
  4. Yes, I`m in switzerland, and it is the double saddle in large. The thing is first I really loved the white one. But in real this bag doesn`t look like the bag we know from the "vogue" or the"glamour".
  5. I have it in the brown which is a brownish olive. I love it. I think the color really suits the bag. Even the SA's in FENDI were flipping for it!
  6. Hi girlsgottoshop,

    can you post a photo? :smile:
  7. Um... I found this pic on google images. I'll be VERY disappointed if this is what white really looks like!

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  8. i love all the colors. if i didn't have a red granet paddington i would have gotten it in red. but since i do, i go for white. the olive looks nice too. they're all pretty!
  9. the white is more of a cream color... if that helps. with maybe a touch of gray in there... hard to describe but the base is a cream color.
  10. i like the white the best, red second best. the brown was too green for me.
  11. I'll bet you would probably be happiest with the brown. Dont get the white, if there is hesitation before your purchase it you would probably have serious buyers remorse later.
  12. My vote is for the red :love:
  13. Is there brown and olive available or is it the same colour?
  14. It's the same color.