Color for new weekender (and handle ?)

  1. Hi! I have a men's black weekender that I just love :love: and use often as a tote. But I'd like to get a weekender in a lighter color (probably not brown/beige/white) for spring/summer.

    Was thinking of one of the new pinks :shrugs: - which pink do you think would be good for a weekender? Or do you vote another color?

    Also, has anyone seen the new handles - are they as long as the old men's handles? :confused1:

    THanks! :smile:
  2. I'd definately suggest a darker pink as a Weekender is likely to get harder use. Light Magenta would be very pretty!
  3. How about the Electric Blue with the Giant Hardware? The handles on the Giant Weekenders are longer, equivalent to the Men's Weekender.
  4. Ooh, totally agree with EB Weekender. :tup:
    But would it be very heavy with the GH?
  5. EB weekender will look great, i think. and yes, the handles of women's weekender are longer than the previous version, this, since 2007 fall.
  6. I am also not a pink person. So if you are asking me, the color I am waiting for is EB from the new colors. That would be my choice.
  7. A fun colour! I love Weekenders now and I hope to get a dark earthy colour for trips to the rainforest and I have a Vert D'Eau for trips to the islands (the colour reminds me of the light aqua waters)
  8. Definitely if you're going with a pink I would chose Pale Magenta. I don't think you want to get too light a colour because your WE will get banged around a bit, just because it is SO big. I like the Electric Blue suggestion too...
  9. Pale Magenta gets my vote!
  10. Thanks! :smile: The blue could be nice. I think I'm going to try the pale magenta and the e blue on for size, although personally I'm a RH girl.

    Do you think the magenta would handle hard use?
  11. And the other option is the men's/or women's besace - I wonder how that bag would look in a cool color?

  12. This gets my vote too!! Giant hardware is definitely a necessity! :tup: