Color experts lend me your eyes???

  1. Is this a taupe bag? My sister has a large taupe pocket paddington and she says it's not the same color as hers. Her Paddy has been described as walnut and this bag has olive in it's description. The intermix people never said what the tag had on it.

    On Bluefly they have this bag (more money) and it looks identical to the one on intermix and they call it taupe.

    Are there two different taupes out there? Below is the bag I bought. Please help clarify.

  2. That looks definitely like taupe to me, I have it in medium satchel :yes: I dont think there are 2 taupes, except the new metallic taupe on NAP.
  3. Looks like taupe to me too.

    Internet website pictures can be quite deceptive!:yes:

    Do you have the bag with you yet, or are you waiting on it...?
  4. Triple Taupe vote!

  5. I'm waiting on it. Does it have an olive undertone, gold hues?

    Don't get me wrong I'll love the bag, I have too!! because it's nonrefundable LOL!
  6. It looks like taupe to me too and I have taupe in the large zippy, the US Shopper from winter/spring '06, and the medium classic paddy!
    It's a GREAT color. You can wear it year round and it can go with everything.:yes: Enjoy!!!
  7. Taupe is a soft greyish beige... like wet sand. It doesn't have olive undertone but neighter a gold. In direct lightning it looks lighter and warmer beige shade...hard to describe but it goes with everything and is a beautiful chameleontic colour :biggrin:
  8. Suze - my Paddy is HAZELNUT - not Walnut. It was described as taupe/hazelnut in the AR listing. And you will :yes: love the color.
  9. Either color, its beautiful and neutral. Enjoy!

  10. Nat? We're getting the same (well almost) purse again, oh oh! You talked me into it.:roflmfao:
  11. Sonja what a beautiful description. Based on your analogy I wanted exactly what you presented above. Thanks for the confidence booster.
  12. With this purse addiction I have given up caring about individuality. I am just happy that YOU are happy. After all I was the first to copy you with the EXACT SAME BAG, So - we are even. But really - I am not exactly sure that the colors are the same? In the Jenny picture the purse is a lighter color than mine. But as I said earlier about screen calibration.....
  13. I saw that picture of Jenny and I'm sure it's taupe, when my taupe is in a bright sunlight it looks just like Jenny's.... it's looks much lighter coloured then :yes:
  14. pics of taupe to back up Sonja's description:



  15. Sigh...I just love this color. Wish I could find it somewhere in a med satchel. :crybaby: