Color dilemma, need suggestions

  1. OK, so DH and I are gonna be good little savers (did a budget and everything :angel: ) with the goal of taking a vacation and getting a Kelly next year. :nuts:

    So to inspire me to be good and save I need to figure out what color Kelly to get. It will be my one and only...seriously :yes: I need to choose the right one.

    My dilemmas:
    1. I have no "high-end" black bags but do have 3 LVs in brown (monogram and damier)
    2. My one Hermes bag is a fun color (BJ)
    3. Most of my shoes are black and my winter coats are black or Burberry plaid.
    4. I look better in warm colors
    5. All my accessories (wallet, Ulysee, etc.) are orange.
    6. I know I want a 28cm Togo w/ Gold hardware (has to match Mr. Hippo lock)

    Any color suggestions welcome! :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  2. Hi Crochet, how about Havane? It's warm, will look terrific against black and Burberry plaid, and it's perfect with gold HW! If you don't mind Chevre, Noisette or Cognac is another great choice!
  3. ^^ WOW!!!! OT (you are OT, correct?), your new signature is awesome! What great inspiration! I was at my local H store yesterday, trying to find small leather goods for my new Birkin, and could not make up my mind what to get!!! Your array of colours is so very yummy! I sure hope when my bag falls open in future, it would show similar yummy contents as well.

    Sorry, :back2topic:

    I second Havanne too. Second choice would be a blue. There's a darker blue to Thalassa Blue that I have taken a fancy to, but just cannot rememeber it's name ....
  4. Ohhh - cognac!! I adore cognac!! This would be a lovely choice for you, Cb, and so classic! Great suggestions, 24fbg.
  5. Ot that is a great sig!! I would suggest vermillion red as it sort of has orange undertones and would look cool w/orange...or black....of course! Congrats on being a wise saver!
  6. ^^ Is cognac the colour of brown on Evangelista's runway JPG shoulder Birkin?
  7. Oh my god your photo in your signature is beautiful! I love the contrast in the colors!
  8. Def. a warm color like Havanne would be wonderful, Heather especially with Gold hardware. Also, since this is going to be your one and only.....I think a beautiful 28cm Kelly in BLACK Togo with gold hardware would fit the bill very, very nicely as well and because of being Togo can go day and night (so casual AND kinda dressy when necessary) and fill the high-end black bag vacancy you have. A classic Black Hermes bag is always a keeper!
  9. that is IF this is going to be the ONLY one you ever have....:cool:
  10. ^ I agree shopmom, ever since I saw HG's Birkin in the Bryanboy thread (LMAO!), I now want a black Birkin with gold h/w.........god it looks nice!!

    Black with gold, CB??????
  11. I'm not going to be very useful when it comes to color suggestions because all I can think of is pink ...

    However, I think Gold is a good color as is. It's neutral and it can be used year-round.:flowers:
  12. I agree with KOU - Gold is very nice in togo, and it matches with everything from dressy to nice.
  13. I think that a black Hermes bag is the best, in box or chevre. Or perhaps Rouge H. Either of those with gold h/w will be a classic forever and match everything.
  14. Well after just seeing the pics Flossy posted in the "Red...." thread, I would agree with Sarah-girl....Black or Rouge H, Crochet! You can't go wrong!
  15. I am useless. I can't pick just one- whether it's gold, havanne, rouge H or black you can't go wrong. All of these colors are just so versatile, timeless and beautiful!!!

    Let me ask you this: what color makes your heart skip a beat every time you see a Kelly in that color???