Color difference of Damier

  1. Has anyone in here notice the color on the damier pattern is not consistance??

    the reason why i ask cos my naviglio that i just bought is lighter than my speedy damier which i also bought a week prior to my naviglio and my damier speedy is slightly lighter than my mussette.

    does canvas turn color as its ages????

    also i am having serious doubt about keeping my naviglio, its bulky but i'm sure it can holds so much. shall i change it to a compagnon or the loup???? is the damier geant durable????
  2. I have noticed this even in mono...not sure if it changes with age, or just different dye lots.
  3. i think the canvas fades a little as time goes by. i remember reading something about this on eBay.
  4. I was told by one of my SA's that there is sometimes a slight color difference due to different canvases...
  5. I'm not sure about the damier, but I know with my mono canvas, the color varies. I'm not sure if it matters if it's from France or the US, or whether it's vintage or new, but I notice that my French bags' monogram are more of a paler yellow while my US bags have more of a goldenrod tone (and I know my bags are authentic). The brown canvas slightly differs, too. But I don't think I would've noticed it if I wasn't picky. Maybe the same applies to the damier as well...?
  6. I noticed this when someone mentioned that the mono canvas in france and US have a difference. I looked and see that the LV print on my made in France one is lighter than the made in US one.
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