Color decision: new member to my speedy family?? =)

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I have been drooling over a denim neo speedy for the longest time! but I am having a hard time deciding which one to get. I did realize that the pink one is MUCH more expensive than the blue one (+ twice the blue price!). I have only seen the blue one IRL its gorgeous and easy to match... but my fave. color is pink!

    Lil help, please?

    :ty: SO SO MUCH!
  2. I would say go for the blue because its less expensive and will match better. I use to have one and it looked great with jeans.

    The pink is great too but I think the blue is more classic and wearable for many years and years
  3. I agree with Iluvbags. Go with the blue!
  4. I'd say go for pink! It's not every day you see one!
  5. I prefer the fuchsia one, it's less common :tup:
  6. I love pink, too. But it depends on you which colour you like favourite.:love:
  7. Go for the pink, it's the one your love most!
  8. Pink
  9. blue!
  10. ahh! thanks for you suggestions!!! both sides make sense!!
    blue: easy to match
    pink: more unique

    whats a girl to do?

    any other thoughts? any opinion is much appreciated! :ty:
  11. Goo alll out if pinks ur color DO IT UPP :smile:
  12. Blue. i agree it matches better.
  13. If pink is your favorite color, go for it!
  14. pink
  15. I'd go with pink since you love the color more!! It's not terribly hard to match, tbh!