color contact users

  1. does any one have pics with them color contacts?
  2. Mine are sapphire blue.
    Ronda Pajamas.jpg With Blue.jpg
  3. thank you !!
    if you dont mind me asking what is your real eye color?
  4. mine are grey and I love them. (Me and hubby.)
  5. my bad forgot the picture. duh. lol click on the picture to see it.
  6. I used to wear grey ones and then purple and hazel, but the best brand- for me- were the ones that cost 180 for one- I have astigmatism and I believe they were by Ciba?
  7. My natural eye color is green/blue. This picture is really more accurate (the ones above were taken inside at night, and this one is daylight in sun).
    Ronda Philly.jpg
  8. I have pictures of me wearing purple, brown, and blue - all Freshlook brand.

    Which one do you want to see, or do you want to see all of them? Lol
  9. Let's see um all =)
  10. Show us!! I used to wear grey and I have dark skin and they look awesome. Fresh looks btw.
  11. I used to wear FreshLooks a long time ago. They were light blue on the outer circle, and then faded into a brownish shade. Looked very natural, or so people used to say!
  12. Can't see your pics!

    You can always see the dark line of the natural eye around the outside of the coloured contact... couldn't you? Or not with yours?
  13. These are really big, so tell me if you need me to resize... I just wanted to help out.

    Freshlook Blue

    Freshlook Purple

    Freshlook Radiance - Autumn

    Acuvue Gray - I hated these because as far as comfortability it kept moving around and everything.

    So there you go! I hope I helped you out somehow.
  14. Wow, you are adorable and you look great in all of them!