Color contact lenses? Anyone?

  1. I would like to try hazel or green lenses.My eyes are brown.I need them without visual correction.
    Best brand ?
  2. I need visual correction but you can get them if you dont have vision problems. My eyes are brown, not too dark and i have been wearing all kinds of colored contacts, blue, royal blue(kind of dark blue) and green, violet,gray and my favorite is are royal blua and blue sometimes green, depends on my mood. Mine are by Freshlook, my doctor recomended these, i also have stigmatism in my left eye.These are very comfy and some people tought that was my actual eye color, i think they are fun and refreshing. You can get samples of all different colors when you go for your eye exam, i tink you have to have one in order to get contacts even if you dont need corection, anyway try some out and see which one you like the best. Hope i helped, good luck !
  3. I second romina's post. I wear contacts for vision problems and though I go with clear ones now, back in high school I used FreshLooks. They have several colours and they are the ones that look the most natural IMO. I used to wear the light blue ones and got complimented a lot on the colour of my eyes LOL.
    They've got different colours in the same lens so they blend in with the brown and don't look as shocking as the ones that are all one colour.
  4. I have been wearing color contacts for many years i have changed my eye color which is usually brown. i have tried , hazel, gray, blue, green and turquise. Many people thought my eyes were not even contacts.

    I use FreshLook color blends. My eye dr was the one who recomeneded the brand to me on what to use.
  5. I used Freshlook Colorblends and I didn't need vision correction either. I have brown eyes and used the brown, green, hazel, and gray.

    See your eye dr. and ask for trial lenses.
  6. Thank you for your posts:flowers:
    :nuts: Wow..I didn´t know people thougth your eyes were that color.It makes me want them more.
    Freshlook color blend
    It is possible to buy them on line?
  7. I have been wearing colored lenses for 10 years, and one word of advice from a fellow brown-eyed girl: If you want them to look natural, stick to dark green or hazel. Don't go with blue; they always look fake! Plus, you get to go makeup shopping to get colors that look good with your "new" eyes!!!
  8. You need to see a dr to get them fitted and they'll have to write a prescription even though its not for vision correction. Once you have the prescription you use that to order them online.
  9. Yes,i want to look natural and blue is not one of my choices.I´ve just seen Freshlook Radiance Autum or sunrise and love them...:smile:
  10. oh no, if your vision is 20/20 don't wear color contacts, it'll ruin your eyes.
  11. Thats not true at all. Contacts are completly harmless for those people who are lucky enough to not actually need them. If you wear ones with no perscription for about 10 hour days and keep them clean they wont hurt your eyes in any way.
  12. illusions by ciba vision...avaliable at .I have been wearing since past 10 years for vision correction...looks very natural.. HTH.
  13. Thanks for this info ladies! I plan on getting some next week! :yahoo:
  14. I have the AcuVue 2 color enhanced lenses. My eyes are already light, more on the green side, but I used the blue enhancers to make the color a little bolder. I love them!
  15. I have brown eyes that change shade a little bit depending on what I'm wearing and how I do my makeup. I've tried Freshlooks (in violet and green), Freshlook Colorblends (in blue and gray) and Acuvue Colors (in gray).

    The Freshlook opaques were comfortable and looked natural. The violet ones made my eyes look like a grayish blue color and the green ones made my eyes look like a light hazel green color. The blue color blends looked terrible. You could actually see the little dots and lines on them when I had them on. The gray ones did nothing at all. If I only had one in, you couldn't tell which eye it was in.

    Acuvue in gray pearl was the best color for me. It looked really pretty and natural. BUT, they didn't sit in the right position on my eyeball. The hole for my pupil was off center, so it made me look like my eyes were going in opposite directions. Also, they were really uncomfortable for me.

    The different colors were fun in high school, but I like my eye color now so I just wear clear ones...