Color confusion

  1. I have noticed both "teal" and "light petrol" as color options for a lot of bags currently on sale (and for sale). Are these two different colors? Can someone post comparison pictures for reference? Thanks!
  2. I believe the teal color is available on the quilted bags and light petrol is available for patchwork bags. The teal is also much more green than blue according to some member's descriptions. Here are some photos:

    Light Petrol:
    mayfair teal.jpg Light Petrol.jpg
  3. Thanks so much, Melly!
  4. echoluster, we're Topaz ZC twins.. I keep nearly buying bags but worrying about them clashing with the beautiful topaz... basically, any other blue.. how does yours work with your Pom venetia? :smile:
  5. I prefer contrasting color accessories, so I love my ZC with my Venetia (although the Venetia has silver HW), and in the past few days two blue family bags have come to my attention... one a light petrol Lou at Barneys and a Blue India Balenciaga bag... for me, the color is too close.
    I'm holding out for something vibrant in green, purple, bordeaux, or of course black. Or I'll just save all my money and blow it next summer when I hopefully intern in Europe...