Color Confusion Reins Supreme: what bleu am I getting??

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which color wallet did the SA send?

  1. Bleu Glacier

  2. Bleu Marine

  3. French Bleu

  4. Anthracite

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. So!!! My Mom has to have that Bleu Glacier money wallet. Therefore I need to find another :heart: In my quest (OMG, no one has them!) I found a sweet SA at the Nordies in Sac. I told her I wanted a Money in any bright color :yes:

    She said she had one in blue. She described it saying, "it looks like the ocean". Then she looked it up and said it was "galet". Then she cross referenced something and said, "oh it's Anthracite".

    Can anyone say if their anthracite looks like the ocean?? :confused1:

    I ordered it but am dying of curiousity: what bleu will I get?? :supacool:
  2. It sounds like you're getting an anthracite money which is definitely NOT bright. It could look like the ocean when it's stormy? Deep dark ocean? Let us know what you get. I'm calling Nordies tomorrow and asking for a galet courier, ha ha! whatever the heck that is.
  3. LOL!!

    Barbara was the lady that helped me :yes: She was very sweet and patient. She offered me a job too!!! She said, "oooh you are so knowledgable on this!!" :shame:

    I started thinking maybe it's Bleu Marine???
  4. Galet! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
    Well, I hope you like surprises!
  5. pics when you get it.
  6. I'm not sure. I've heard SAs describe anthracite to be like the ocean at night. Of course, that definitely isn't bright. Of the colors you listed, FB would be the brightest, but most places had sold out of the style/color combo. I'll be excited to see what shows up too.
  7. Oh wow, I'm confused for you too! The only time I've heard an SA say that a color's bag is "like the ocean" was for Aquamarine. Hmm...perhaps French Blue? That would be awesome!
  8. this is soo funny!!

    I am way way BAD at being patient and waiting!!!

    It also depends on WHICH OCEAN :cool:

    The Caribbean is like Aquamarine
    The Pacific can be like Bleu Glacier
    But French Blue could be like when I have been scuba diving out in the open ocean depths

    I simply can not imagine anyone describing Anthracite or Bleu Marine as ocean-like (but that's just me) :shrugs:
  9. Oh drat!

    I forgot to put in Aquamarine in my poll.

    me = total dork :wacko:
  10. Haha..this is funny. Would love to see it when you get your wallet!

    Though, 'bright' ocean??? and 'oh anthracite'? This is cracking me up! :roflmfao:
  11. looking at my anthra work, i would never compare it to the ocean! of course, when i think ocean i think caribbean or something super tropical. maybe she's thinking of the ocean off of the SF bay - now that would be anthra!
  12. The SA should have renamed it MYSTERY BLEU. :graucho:
  13. I just pulled out my anthracite to look at it in the sunlight and, well....I grew up in SoCal and the ocean was never terribly bright blue, as I remember it. Kinda darker blue, and obviously, on a slightly cloudy day a little greyer. Also, when I saw Anthra First, Messenger, and Part Time in Paris, the leathers were such DIFFERENT colors I just couldn't believe they were all anthracite. The PT even looked close to Bleu Glacier...Maybe the Money she pulled for you is a brighter, lighter one? :smile: Whatever it is, FUN!! :heart:
  14. I read a post yesterday that said Nordies was calling Anthracite "Galet," so based on that, I am guessing it's anthracite. Unless they have that wallet coded wrong in their system, that's probably the likeliest scenario.